The Agreement

The foundation members November 2000

foundation 2000.JPG

 The declaration:

WA 1500 is an International Association that aims to promote the PPC 1500 shooting disciplines. The goal is to build a platform for sporting communication and friendship.

For this reason, the rules and regulations, including their interpretation, should be adhered to as closely as possible where permitted by National Law. In those instances where this is not possible, a simple solution in the spirit of the sport should be found.

Agreement of WA 1500

The contracting partners agree on the following:

  1. The basic rules for this sport are covered by the current version of the rule-book of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA). The WA is free to adopt any new rules of the NRA in whole or part, and to modify or adjust them to according to the requirements of national laws.
  2. Each member of WA 1500 acknowledges each other as the sole representative of PPC1500 in each country. Invitations to international competitions will be distributed among the members.
  3. Members are free to use the B27 target of the NRA or the target as used by the BDMP-Germany. From the social point of view it is recommended that targets not resembling human silhouettes be used.
  4. For the international classification the 150 rounds main match results will be used. A central classification authority will be installed (* see below) and the members will notify this authority of all results. The members are free to use their own classification database for national purposes.
  5. The members will strive to use identical classification values for each class. If this is found not to be the case, the national values of the host will be used for the classification.
  6. Any change in the rules and regulations, including their interpretation, should be done in accordance with the other members.If this is not possible, the other members must be informed about this change.
  7. All members of the WA 1500 have equal rights. In the event of a vote, each member has a single vote. A presidency, board of directors or other administration is not planned.
  8. Each member should be a major shooting organisation in their country or be organised in one.If this is not the case, the member should try to join such an organisation.
  9. Each member will put their efforts into promoting the 1500 discipline by appropriate means and make it known.

(*) after founding world association the members desided to choose as central classification the BDMP classification database.